Birman Kittens
All kittens are CFA registered, veterinarian checked and fully vaccinated                  
(including Rabies) with a written contract and health guarantee.
 Located near Raleigh, North Carolina.
Seal Tabby Point Boy (under evaluation), Blue Tabby Point Boy (Sold), Chocolate
Tabby Point Boy (
Sold) & Chocolate Tabby Point Girl (under evaluation)
Kaoma's Chocolate point boy (neuter)...Sold
       Ashi's Midnight Rider...Kamora & Rio
Seal Point Neuter - Show marked, available as a pet
LLucy & Gambler Kittens
 Ashi's Midori...Kamora & Rio
Lilac Point Female - Blood Type "A"
Angel & Gambler Kittens
Blue Point Boy & Lilac Point Girl...not available